Tuesday, November 27, 2012


Hello sugarpies,

As first i want to apologize to you all - it took so long to reply your letters, mails and comments. Some silly, stupid and horrible things happened to me in the last period, feel free to ask in a letter or email so i can answer all your questions.

Some of my penpals never reply my letters, and my lovely friends (all of you!) answered my letters, right now i can't write 'cause my right wrist is broken - someone pulled at my arm at a festival a while ago and my tendon has been streched right now i'm wearing a splint and it's so umcorfortable - i can't write so i type out my letters now..

I'm thinking about for my new letter writers to change my project, maybe a personal card or something.. Let me know what u want with it, my penpals right now i still going to write like the old days..

Lots of Love,

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:: Lavender's Green :: said...

Oh no, you poor thing! How horrible to have a broken wrist! I hope it heals soon.

I'm not sure if you've received it yet, but I sent you a letter and a little Christmas present too :) I've been really sick since August, so my reply to your letter took longer than I would've liked.

I hope your wrist doesn't hurt too much anymore.

x Jasmine

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