The lost art of letter writing - Project

The lost art of letter writing - The Project

I started with this project in January 2012 simply 'cause i love writing, sending and receiving letters. I've read about some projects from other people who give me  inspiration to start with this project on my own. In the meanwhile i'm writing with some nice and lovely people spread over the whole world!

On this blog you can see some pictures from letters which i've sent and received. If you want to write with me also, feel free to contact me! You can find some information about me in the menue by contact.

If you want to write with me - please read this first -
There are no rules, either way -  I prefer getting your mail first, so i get to know you a little better and sent you something special back! What i send back mostly depends on what i receive from you! If someone writes along letter, i write the same back. And if someone includes goodies i will do too! Feel free to contact me!

Ps. also check out - This blog and this one - as i said, these are the blogs who give me the inspiration!